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I am the driving force behind the training program, serving as its founder, coach, leader, and creator. My passion for empowering children and teenagers has fueled the creation of this program, aimed at nurturing their growth and self-confidence. Join me in this journey of transformation and empowerment for our yout

My Story

When I discovered the challenges my son faced with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), I initially felt frustrated. However, seeing my husband's success in overcoming the same challenges inspired me to transform these difficulties into an opportunity. I redirected my focus to support my son and other children, leading to a shift in my career path, and the creation of the "EMNA" program.

Embracing a positive vision, I recognized the potential for success in my husband's experience and decided to turn that inspiration into an effective program. I chose to alter my professional trajectory and thus, the "EMNA program" was born, aiming to develop children's skills and enhance their positive interaction with life.

No matter how much love we give to our children or the time we spend with them, the challenge remains in accepting them as they are. Consequently, I decided to promote acceptance and teach children how to develop their skills. I introduced training activities within the "EMNA program" to help children cultivate their thinking and skills, which will benefit them throughout their lives.

My journey witnessed a magical transformation as my son and other children grew stronger, becoming capable of adapting to the challenges of daily life. This compelled me to continue improving the lives of children and their parents.

I launched the program in 2018, and hundreds of children from around the world have participated in it. I have become an expert and a pioneer in the field of children's skill development and mental programming. This journey has allowed me to spread the experience and have a positive impact on the lives of children and their parents.

So, if you dream of empowering your children, I invite you to join the EMNA family and explore opportunities to build a better future for your loved ones.
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